Why You Cannot Afford to Be An Anti-Social Internet

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Why You Cannot Afford to Be An Anti-Social Internet

Anti-social internet marketing is a critical flaw that
will destroy even the best, most creative sales strategies.
If you do not build relationships and follow up on them
–through personal interaction and automation–you will
spend most of your time either a) repeating trivial tasks
that can either be completed exponentially faster with the
help of other people or b) plodding away on a course
that will never result in sales conversions.

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Why Leader is Important for Internet Newbies

Making money online is not as easy as you read from online or listen to the claims from some “guru”. It is possible with the right marketing tools, right products and your commitment. You need follow up a true leader who tells you the truth, and lead you to the successful destiny.

Many people end of their financial dream with bad habits: without good planning, without productive action, looking for easy way to make money over night… In this world, unless you are super lucky to win the Mega Million lottery, for every job, no matter it is your professional day time job, or part time job, home business job, you need work hard to reach your dream. So does internet business. There is no magic bullet for online business. Working hard during the start up is essential for your success down the road.

You may learned that a lot of success people only work a couple hours a day and can have long vacation time. But you may not know that their life is not as ease as you imagine. They ever worked extremely hard to plan their business, marketing their business, and do whatever and learn whatever the best way to reach their target. Even after their success, they still work hard to keep the business running. But the success people do have more flexible time and ease of mind since they have the financial freedom.

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What is Your Biggest Problem Online?

Last month we conducted a survey of our readers. The results have been interesting, to say the least.

We intentionally asked an open ended question to find out what our subscribers biggest problem was online. Here are the results.

* Not Knowing What To Do

The largest response we received was “I just don’t know what to do.” Responses noted not knowing where to start, who to trust, what steps to take, how to get to the next level in their business.

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Assuring Scraping Success with Proxy Data Scraping

Have you ever heard of “Data Scraping?” Data Scraping is the process of collecting useful data that has been placed in the public domain of the internet (private areas too if conditions are met) and storing it in databases or spreadsheets for later use in various applications. Data Scraping technology is not new and many a successful businessman has made his fortune by taking advantage of data scraping technology.

Sometimes website owners may not derive much pleasure from automated harvesting of their data. Webmasters have learned to disallow web scrapers access to their websites by using tools or methods that block certain ip addresses from retrieving website content. Data scrapers are left with the choice to either target a different website, or to move the harvesting script from computer to computer using a different IP address each time and extract as much data as possible until all of the scraper’s computers are eventually blocked.

Thankfully there is a modern solution to this problem. Proxy Data Scraping technology solves the problem by using proxy IP addresses. Every time your data scraping program executes an extraction from a website, the website thinks it is coming from a different IP address. To the website owner, proxy data scraping simply looks like a short period of increased traffic from all around the world. They have very limited and tedious ways of blocking such a script but more importantly — most of the time, they simply won’t know they are being scraped.

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Learn About Your Free Web Proxy

It is known that a proxy server is a server that retrieves the web information for you. These proxy servers work by providing their own identity instead of your own and that means fewer risks for spam or other e-junk. Through a proxy server you can browse the net without any worries because these sites provide their own identity to the visited sites. While browsing through web pages, information about you and your computer is required. That is why proxy servers are recommended because the requesting data comes first to the proxy and only afterwards the information is required from you directly.

In many cases these proxy servers are used for increasing the network capacities and also its speed. This is done with the help of the saved information in the proxy servers’ database. It is also known that if a person searches something on the internet that required information will be stored in a special database called cache. When new users open the same page or ask for the same information, the proxy server looks first in his cache and only afterwards over the internet. In many cases the searched information was already opened and the proxy servers do not do anything but restore the information from the cache.

It is good to know that the most common used proxy servers are the anonymous ones. These servers hide your ID and any kind of information only in your interest. These anonymous servers also help in cases when some internet providers band users or regions or even countries. They can request the needed information with the help of these servers that help you browse without having to share your IP or ID.

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